What We Do

What LPH Chiropody and Podiatry will do.

At your appointment the Chiropodist/Podiatrist will:-

  • Ask about your general health and any problems you have with your feet, including any difficulties with walking/mobility.
  • Ask about your current medication and any supplement medication (vitamins) you are taking.
  • Ask about and give advice on your diet, smoking and drinking.
  • Carry out an examination of your feet including skin, nails, in between your toes and around your heels.
  • Discuss various treatment options.
  • Explain risks and costs, should you require any additional treatment of ointment, powders, gels or solutions.
  • Obtain your verbal and written consent to an agreed treatment plan.
  • Record any abnormalities for future reference.
  • Wipe both feet with a mild disinfectant prior to cutting and filing of all your nails.
  • Remove dead skin or debris from underneath the edge of the nail should this be required.
  • Remove hard skin or corns to help reduce any discomfort.
  • If required, a foot cream will be massaged in to both feet and around the heels.
  • Ask about footwear and discuss the most appropriate ways to keep your feet healthy.
  • Advice will also be given to help maintain good foot health between appointments.
  • Discuss with you when your next visit should be.

We will recommend how often you should come and see us based on your current foot health.